Three Part Vintage Swinging Light Bulbs Video Series on Retro Wood Background


This is a video of several swinging vintage light bulbs on the left and right side leaving lots of space for copy in the middle on a blank retro ship wood background. The beginning of the video starts with a short clip of a man and woman turning on the lights. The middle clip is an endless loop of the lights swinging back and forth. The finishing clip ends with the lights being turned off and fading to black. By creating three separate videos, it allows you to have complete control over the beginning and the end to match what the band is doing on stage. One important thing to remember, is to change the default setting of the last video from “loop” to “stop”. The 3 different file parts come and one compressed zip file. You’ll need a program like Stuffit Expander to open it into three separate 1080p files. To watch a quick tutorial on how to use this video click here.