Fall Background Videos

Fall Background Videos

We hope you enjoy our collection of Fall Background Videos. These videos will work well for Church use. There is ample room for copy so you you may add titles, words and lyrics over the subtle fall backgrounds. The fall hues of amber, orange, reds are found in each background video.  Find the right video for Thanksgiving, harvest, and fall.  When the seasons are turning, the leaves are falling, the air gets a chill and bite, but it’s not yet winter, these videos will help inspire that feeling.

Some of the video files are set to loop and will run endlessly without interruption no matter what the length of your song is, others are set to not loop, so please check to see the description to see which video backgrounds are looping. Because all files are 1080P, these background videos will look great on high definition displays.

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Fall Background Videos

Some videos for Fall

We will continue to add videos to the Fall category as we get more.  So check back to see what new fall background videos are new.  Look around the rest of the site as well for other seasons, and other applications.

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