Three part Retro Lighting MusicTruth Video Tutorial Training

This is a three-part retro lighting MusicTruth video tutorial training. The beginning of the video starts with a short clip of people turning the lights on. The middle clip is an endless loop of the lights on. The finishing clip ends with people turning the lights off. By creating three separate videos, it allows you to have complete control over the beginning and the end to match what the band is doing on stage. One important thing to remember, is to change the default setting of the last video from “loop” to “stop”. This can be done by right clicking on the video file and scrolling to media properties. This is a new creative worship video background to begin and end your service at church. We are using the program ProPresenter as an example on how to use this video clip. If you’re still using PowerPoint for your worship service, we strongly recommend you check out ProPresenter for a computer software specifically designed for church lyric and media use. Click on the link here for more info. We have a similar 3 part video on our website lighting candles for the beginning and then blowing them out at the end. The files are compressed into one folder, So you will need a program Stuffit Expander to open them. If you’re interested in purchasing either of these videos, Come check us out at To specifically purchase this Vintage Swinging Light Bulb video series click here.


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