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Mother’s Day is just Around the Corner

This is a new video with an abstract pink background and smoke leading in the text “Happy Mother’s Day” for a introduction to church. This file is 10 seconds long and set to endlessly loop. Click the link here to view the video. https://www.musictruth.com/product/happy-mothers-day-intro-video/ Connect with us on Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Christmas Background Videos

Christmas Background Videos

Merry Christmas! We hope you enjoy our collection of Christmas Background Videos. These videos will work well for church use. There is ample room for copy so you may add titles, words and lyrics over the subtle Christmas backgrounds. The Christmas hues of red, green, silver and gold are found in each background video. ¬†Find […]

Three part Retro Lighting MusicTruth Video Tutorial Training

This is a three-part retro lighting MusicTruth video tutorial training. The beginning of the video starts with a short clip of people turning the lights on. The middle clip is an endless loop of the lights on. The finishing clip ends with people turning the lights off. By creating three separate videos, it allows you […]

Thanksgiving Worship Videos for the Fall Season

This is a Thanksgiving fall video with a pumpkin and wooden cross

We just added several new Thanksgiving worship videos for the fall season. Here is one example with an embroidered plaid pumpkin, candle and wooden cross set in a dark urban wood background video. This video would work well for church use during the worship service. There’s a lot of space on the right hand side […]