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Three part Retro Lighting MusicTruth Video Tutorial Training

This is a three-part retro lighting MusicTruth video tutorial training. The beginning of the video starts with a short clip of people turning the lights on. The middle clip is an endless loop of the lights on. The finishing clip ends with people turning the lights off. By creating three separate videos, it allows you […]

Thanksgiving Worship Videos for the Fall Season

This is a Thanksgiving fall video with a pumpkin and wooden cross

We just added several new Thanksgiving worship videos for the fall season. Here is one example with an embroidered plaid pumpkin, candle and wooden cross set in a dark urban wood background video. This video would work well for church use during the worship service. There’s a lot of space on the right hand side […]

Church Multimedia Theme Pack Videos

Church Multimedia Theme Pack Videos

This is a sample of 11 church multimedia theme pack videos. Each video is its own separate 1080p 30 second file that can be incorporated into a program like ProPresenter or MediaShout to be played at the beginning of church service for a specific holiday or event. They were created using a black chalkboard and […]