Thanksgiving Worship Videos for the Fall Season

This is a Thanksgiving fall video with a pumpkin and wooden cross

We just added several new Thanksgiving worship videos for the fall season. Here is one example with an embroidered plaid pumpkin, candle and wooden cross set in a dark urban wood background video. This video would work well for church use during the worship service. There’s a lot of space on the right hand side to add white copy for the lyrics of your song. The video is set of loop and will run and endlessly without interruption no matter what the length of your song. Using old wood paneling gives the video a nice urban feeling. The plaid flannel material on the pumpkins is appropriate for the autumn season. The cross is the symbol of our thankfulness for Jesus dying for our sins. Everything is stationary within the video with the exception of the candle flame, so there is not too much of a distraction from the lyrics and worship time. The files is 1080P. To view similar Thanksgiving videos go to

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We will continue to add videos to the Fall category as we get more.  So check back to see what new fall background videos are new.  Look around the rest of the site as well for other seasons, and other applications.

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